5 Step Plan to Ease Those Tax Season Woes

Just reading the words “Tax Season” probably put a knot in the stomach of many of you.  I know it does mine.  Trulia blogger, Jovan Hackley has shared 5 Steps that will help ease those woes for you and your accountant.  Just imagine the delight in your accountants eyes, if you gingerly walked into his office and handed him a jump drive as opposed to the shoebox full of random receipts.  Or if on that day, you are able to pull up a neat log of all your mileage, not spend hours upon hours trying to go back and calculate a year’s worth in that crazy game I dubbed “Just how far did I go?

So take a moment and check out these 5 steps that will surely soften the tax season stress this year and years to come…..

Trulia tax step

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