Asking Home Prices Set New Records While Rents Ease via Trulia Trends

In a recent Trulia blog, Chief Economist, Jed Kolko, shared the latest data on the real estate market price recovery.  Using Trulia’s Price and Rent Monitors, indications are that asking prices are continuing to increase while rents ease.  Kolko explains where the increases are and how they relate to the actual health of the market area.  Surprisingly, those markets with some of the highest gains are the least healthy overall.

Rents have eased in the past year.  Not for a lack of renters but due to the increase in multi-unit buildings available as rentals.

Read the entire article on Trulia’s Blog  and find out who is Booming, Rebounding, Humming, or still Struggling!

Trulia's Price Monitor-Healthy Market Skatterplot

Trulia’s Price Monitor-Healthy Market Skatterplot


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